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About the Waters of Creation

In our journey to redefine Electronic Music, we are more than just a collective of artists; we are innovators and nurturers of talent. Our mission is to create a unique, entertaining soundscape that isn’t just heard, but experienced.

At the heart of our endeavour is collaboration. We don’t just work together; we amplify each other’s strengths, blending individual talents into a symphony of creativity. Every artist in our community is a pivotal contributor, growing not just in their art but in their influence.

We recognize the hurdles in getting our music out there – the overwhelming competition, the noise of countless channels, and the daunting marketing barriers. Our strategy is to evolve steadily, yet with purpose. By supporting each other’s releases and using smart, creative marketing techniques, we aim to break through the industry’s noise.

Our vision extends beyond just producing music. We are cultivating a community – a safe, vibrant space free from toxicity, where every member can flourish. Within a few years, we envision hundreds of passionate individuals rallying around our music, propelling it to heights beyond our wildest dreams.

I firmly believe that the music we create will captivate the world. It will be so compelling, so emotionally resonant, that it will be shared like a newfound treasure.

Together, let’s compose a future where our music doesn’t just play in the background but becomes a part of life’s unforgettable moments.

Matt Laws

Heads of creation

Matt Laws


Matt Laws is an accomplished engineer, programmer, sound designer, remixer, and able to infuse unique twists into projects. He places his music on the fringe of various genres, making it accessible to a wide audience.

His musical journey took off with the success of Binary Finary’s Trance Classic “1998” in the 90s. Since then, Matt has continuously honed his skills, delving into diverse genres and producing a vast spectrum of electronic and recorded compositions. His extensive back catalog, comprising over 150 pieces, ranges from the tranquil tones of Chillout to the high-energy beats of Drum & Bass. Each creation is a showcase of his passion for sound design, often pushing the boundaries of equipment to explore new sonic territories.

Matt has a passion for teaching, thriving in collaborative environments bringing years of creative expertise to projects to help artists discover their full potential.

Highlighted Projects:

Yoseff Samchuk


Yoseff Samchuk’s music is laden with enchanting melodies, sophisticated percussion and heavy bass. Moving and emotional, his sound spans from the dizzying heights of techno to the very depths of house and progressive. Known for five hour epic sets, his music is captivating, timeless and enduring.

Canadian and Ukrainian, Yoseff has been DJing since the mid 90s. He has held simultaneous residencies across Canada at legendary clubs such as Hush and The Limit in Victoria, Sonar in Gastown Vancouver and The Bassmint in Toronto. He has also played at Burningman, Noble House Events, Victoria Electronic Music Festival and Shambhala Music Festival.

Yoseff has played alongside Timo Maas (Silver Planet), Taylor (Platipus Records), Jimmy Van M (Bedrock, Balance Promotion Group), Chris Fortier (Balance Promotion Group), Eddie Richards (Sweatbox Records, End Recordings), Jay Tripwire (Mosaic, Witching Hour, Nordic Trax), Rennie Foster (RF Recordings), Dick Trevor (Bedrock), John Creamer (NY Lover Records), Max Graham (Hope, Platipus) and Christopher Lawrence (Pharmacy Music, Hook Recordings). He has also played with D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix, Apex Recordings), Pascal F.E.O.S. (Eye Q, Harthouse, Tronic, Level Non Zero), John Kelly (Moontribe, Moonshine), Treavor Moontribe and Brad Moontribe. With Brian Seed (Moontribe, Moonshine) he produced the track, “Chlorine Shots” released on Ritual Sounds.

Yoseff’s Mixes:

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