About Nutopian Dance Music

What defines Nutopian Dance Music

  1. It must move emotionally, to be uplifting.
  2. Based on Western scales & modes.
  3. Can contain elements from more than one genre.
  4. It must never cycle endlessly, but evolve from both sounds changing & the feel of building progressively. Melodies must never be blindly repetitive and have character where possible.
  5. Percussion must have a purpose. Subtle Grooves on 16th notes.
  6. Kick side chains on all mix buss with a slower release and very light threshold. This creates a natural bounce to the mix
  7. Breaks sidechain various elements that would reduce the power of the transients.
  8. The pace of the track is important, find the best bpm to retain mixability, but still feel as though it’s speedy.
  9. Chord progressions should aim to be longer than normal, with exotic changes to enhance the emotional movement. Avoid normal 4/4/4/4 etc, and experiment with strange divisions that add up to 16 bars (Example: 4/2/2/3/3/2)
  10. Counter melodies must be used in interesting ways to create non-cyclic sections. Counters must land between other notes, and never in the same space as the main melodies. Sidechains can also retrospectively solve this.
  11. Breakdowns and leading breaks into main sections should aim to be driving the dancer into hysteria through removal and addition of elements, shock and awe, surprise changes, partial introduction of final elements, and intelligent effects design. Designed to release adrenaline.
  12. White noise, filtered for rush ups (can use other elements also, but white noise as a standard..
  13. Always consider the unusual. Innovate. Aim high. Sound design excellence in all areas.
  14. Sound design also includes: Aging, distressing sounds that are too pristine, and heavy use of granular effects, or modified aux effects that are changes to age, or obfuscate. Clear simple waves have more presence, and aural stimulation. Primary, or important sounds should start from Saw/Squ/Tri, then layered with additional textures.
  15. Intelligent collaboration. Each production gets taken to the next level through the meeting of like minds. We match producers that will compliment and help each other excel.

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