How we work

See how we can create wonders

Skill level doesn’t matter, we are looking for people who have the potential, and passion for music in all its forms. 

We’d need to get to know you through an informal video call, and talk about where you are musically. We will discuss how best to approach exposure through longer strategies, and find the best pathway suited to your skillset.


There are 2 ways we can work, in project files (Complicated!), or this way below (Dynamic)

  1. We pick a track that has high potential.
  2. Directors organise the talent required to take it further.
  3. Each talent is given a challenge that will be in their skillset, but applied in unique ways.
  4. Each artist then jams over the top, blind to what others are working on.
  5. The stems come back for first feedback.
  6. The Producers start mixing the stems that work in the main.
  7. Community & Director feedback.
  8. Repeat from point 4 until it’s gone too far, and roll back.

This keeps things simple! And we don’t get burnout, we get a stream of inspiration and learning moments.

We hope to see you soon!


Want to be part of the Community?

Get involved! You can use your experience on amazing projects, get rewarded, meet amazing talent, get all the help you need to make music projects go way beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

All this taking place in a toxicity free environment, managed by a fiercely loyal team of community moderators. This is a trusting environment, so transparency is key, with level heads leading the way.

Once we know a little bit more about you, we’ll get right back to you with more details. So please fill out this form to begin your Journey.