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Emile Vartanian, AKA EMOG: Master of Psychedelic Soundscapes

Emile Vartanian, better known as EMOG, is a renowned psychedelic dub producer and trance DJ from Vancouver, British Columbia. His early musical journey involved mastering multiple instruments, including guitar, piano, and bass. This diverse musical foundation led him to discover and embrace the psychedelic genre, deeply influenced by artists like Ott, Shpongle, and Entheogenic.

EMOG’s career took off in the vibrant Vancouver scene, leading to performances at major festivals like Envision (Costa Rica), Shambhala Music Festival, and Astral Harvest. His rise in popularity coincided with the release of his first EP, “Celestial Tales,” in 2013, under the Merkaba Music Label. His unique fusion of psychedelic dub and trance quickly captivated a growing fanbase.

Known for his high-energy shows, EMOG combines live instruments with electronic beats, enhanced by immersive visuals, to create unforgettable experiences. His debut album, “Infinite Horizons,” released in 2018, further solidified his reputation as a dynamic performer and skilled producer.

Beyond his music, Vartanian’s influence extends to event organizing with Gaia Sound Music Events, contributing significantly to the psychedelic music community. His dedication and passion have established him as a respected figure, continually inspiring audiences worldwide with his innovative sound and performances.

EMOG, embodying the Ecstatic Music of Gaia, stands as a pillar in the music world, revered for his electrifying blend of psychedelic dub and trance. His commitment to the art form and the community resonates in every performance, inviting listeners to be inspired and driven by the transformative power of music.

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