Kristoffer Elmqvist

Artist info

Kristoffer Elmqvist

Dust & Bloom is the alias of Swedish producer Kristoffer Elmqvist. Dust & Bloom is part of the movement blending AI and human creativity by pioneering the new exciting tools of our time. With inspiration from both trance and EBM, he merges electronic music genres with pop and infuse it with the surreal vocal AI power of Synthesizer V.

Kristoffer’s musical journey began in an early age with both violin and piano. He began creating his own music in the very eary 2000’s by slicing up samples to create custom melodies in the old toy sequencer NRJ Dance Ejay 2.

His music has historically been moving between the genres of Progressive Trance, Progressive House and Tech Trance, but with Dust & Bloom he now returns with a more diverse soundscape, borrowing inspiration from genres ranging all the way from Pop to Electronical Body Music and Melodical Techno.

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