Matt Laws V Yoseff Samchuk: Journey Onwards, Upwards

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Waters of Creation

In our journey to redefine Electronic Music, we are more than just a collective of artists; we are innovators and nurturers of talent. Our mission is to create a unique, entertaining soundscape that isn’t just heard, but experienced.

At the heart of our endeavour is collaboration. We don’t just work together; we amplify each other’s strengths, blending individual talents into a symphony of creativity. Every artist in our community is a pivotal contributor, growing not just in their art but in their influence.

We recognize the hurdles in getting our music out there – the overwhelming competition, the noise of countless channels, and the daunting marketing barriers. Our strategy is to evolve steadily, yet with purpose. By supporting each other’s releases and using smart, creative marketing techniques, we aim to break through the industry’s noise.

Our vision extends beyond just producing music. We are cultivating a community – a safe, vibrant space free from toxicity, where every member can flourish. Within a few years, we envision hundreds of passionate individuals rallying around our music, propelling it to heights beyond our wildest dreams.

Want to be part of the Community?

Get involved! You can use your experience on amazing projects, get rewarded, meet amazing talent, get all the help you need to make music projects go way beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

All this taking place in a toxicity free environment, managed by a fiercely loyal team of community moderators. This is a trusting environment, so transparency is key, with level heads leading the way.

Once we know a little bit more about you, we’ll get right back to you with more details. So please fill out this form to begin your Journey.